Who are Inoni?

Inoni has been providing Business Continuity Planning (BCP) consultancy and services since 2005 with many years of risk industry experience prior to that. Their customers range from small organisations to multinationals, including manufacturing, finance, insurance sectors, mining, telecommunications, health, policing, airlines, retail, online, call centre outsourcing and many others.

The team

If you become a Kerry London customer, and choose to purchase BCP consultancy or services from Inoni, these are delivered by their consulting team. Each member of the Inoni is a recognised professional in their own field, and are trained to deliver results with or without software support. Their consulting projects range from providing a few hours of expert advice through to management training, exercises and end-to-end Business Continuity Management programmes.

Case studies

Our trust in Inoni and our decision to partner with them is based on their strength, depth and outlook. To demonstrate this heritage, below are a small number of case studies that illustrate their credentials.

Furniture manufacturing case study

A furniture manufacturer had a Business Interruption indemnity period of 12 months, which was viewed as potentially insufficient. A review of the supply chain, as well as production capabilities yielded a clear picture of their Business Continuity Risks. They now have an extended BI Indemnity Period based. Read the full Manufacturing BCP case study here.

Food manufacturer/ retail case study

A long-standing bakery with retail outlets had a series of potential risks and exposures, that their insurer felt should be addressed. After a review, and with certain changes implemented, the business is in significant growth mode and the analysis provided senior management with a framework to re-organise production for maximise output with minimal additional capital expenditure. Read the full Manufacturing and Retail BCP case study here.

Vegetable grower case study

An established vegetable grower was growing strongly, however their insurers were concerned regarding a number of key dependencies. A review of the business model and key dependencies highlighted areas that could be addressed, placing the client on a more secure footing, and simultaneously addressing the insurer concerns. Read the full Food Manufacturing case study here.

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How resilient is your Business Continuity Plan?

We have formed an exclusive partnership with Business Continuity Planning (BCP) experts Inoni Ltd. To receive a complimentary health-check of your business continuity plan, worth over £500 – without risk or obligation – please visit our Business Continuity Health-check page.

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