Emergency Vehicle Insurance

Our Emergency Vehicle insurance covers a wide range of emergency vehicles including ambulances, fire engines and blood bikes- from single vehicles to fleets. It provides blue and non blue light cover including patient transfers to and from hospital and increased limits for vehicle contents.

Insuring emergency vehicles is sometimes more complex than motor insurance and requires expert knowledge and attention to detail. As one of the UK’s largest independent brokers, and with over a decade’s experience in this field, we can source cover with a wide range of leading and niche insurers.

All our emergency vehicle insurance covers standard risks, such as accidents, fire and theft. However, we will work with you to fully assess all your risks and offer tailored advice on policy wordings that work for you.

Once you are insured it is essential that you keep full and up-to-date records on your vehicles including vehicle maintenance. Driver background checks (age, history and any previous convictions) must all be documented in case of any accident that causes injury.

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