British Fire Services Association

We are recommended by the British Fire Services Association (BFSA) to offer Public Liability insurance to anyone within the private and occupational fire services, as well as those working in fire safety/fire protection industries.

The specialist cover we provide to BFSA members is based on extensive experience and we have access to competitive quotes provided by the leading Medical Malpractice insurer, Hiscox, as well as Zurich Municipal for Emergency Vehicle cover.

After standard inclusions, other covers are tailored to fire services sector. These include fire security system installation, sprinkler installation and maintenance, emergency lighting and fire safety, as well as cover for any equipment left in your vehicle overnight.

We also offer Efficacy Insurance (or ‘failure to perform’ cover). This is designed to protect you against your legal liability for injury to third parties, or damage to third party property, when a product or service you supply fails to perform its intended function. This does not mean that your product or service did not work – but that it did not work well enough to do its job properly.

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