Insurance for Fine Art, valuable jewellery and collectibles

Arranging suitable cover for high value contents, artwork, specialist collections of antiques or memorabilia, and jewellery, needs expert advice to ensure your prized heirlooms and possessions are adequately insured. Kerry London take the time to review your covers to help minimise the risk of being under-insured and can advise on specialist valuation services to assist this. 

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What does fine art insurance cover? 

Arranging full, all risks cover for a wide range of items can require the specialist insurance advice of a broker, which tailors cover for the individual, to make sure your prized possessions are protected. The definition of Fine Art encompasses many items including paintings, sculptures, ceramic art, photography collections, mixed media art, antiques, collectibles and sporting memorabilia.

How do I insure high value jewellery and watches? 

Whether inherited, gifted or recently purchased, higher value jewellery including rings, necklaces, brooches and earrings need cover inside your property and whenever you are wearing them outside, both at home and abroad.  Kerry London understand that knowing these treasured high-value items are adequately insured gives you genuine peace of mind. 

Specialist insurance for high value home contents 

Insuring valuable items isn’t always about antiques and heirlooms.  Personal items such as designer clothing and handbags, watches and decorative items can also require specialist insurance advice from your broker. We’re here to help and guide on the best solution to make sure each individual item or collection is insured as it should be. 

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  • If you would like to discuss your insurance requirements with one of our experts, or find out more about our services, send us your details and we'll be in touch shortly.


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