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Our home is usually the most valuable asset that we own, Despite this, the Association of British Insurers reported in 2008 that over 20% of UK homes are under-insured. According to the Financial Times in 2014, that figure rises to a staggering 75% of higher value properties.

Our specialist Home insurance team will independently assess the level of cover you need. We will pay particular attention to furniture, carpets and personal possessions. Fine art, antiques and jewellery values may be limited on policies unless they are specified individually and we will ensure that your policy wording is carefully checked and up to date. We will ensure you are adequately covered with an annual insurance review. As a Lloyd’s broker we can place other specialist risks, such as thatched properties or listed buildings.

We will also assess any need you have for covering your children’s possessions when they’re at university and insuring your primary home alongside a secondary holiday home or property you take away from home in the course of your work.

If you have an office in your own home, we can also advise on the separate business cover you need for your equipment. Also worthy of careful consideration is Public Liability cover for people working on your property such as gardeners, cleaners or builders.

In the event of any claim we will act quickly and efficiently to provide you with excellent service and reassurance at a time you need it most.

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