Restrictive Covenants Indemnity Insurance

If you own a property that has you subsequently discover has a restrictive covenant placed upon it then it may stop you from developing it as you had hoped, or force you to alter it back to a previous state.

While the restriction should be discovered during searches and due diligence before purchase, this is not always the case. Lost deeds and unenforceable or wrong wording in covenants can be problematic and sometimes restrictive covenants only come to light when you come to sell your property or renew your mortgage.

We can source Restrictive Covenants Indemnity insurance including:

  • Unauthorised buildings or extensions to properties where there was a covenant not to build on the land
  • Use of the land for business purposes, even when business has been taking place for years
  • No building for residential use on land previously used for agriculture

As you can image, this is a complex area that requires specialist knowledge and guidance. As an independent Lloyd’s broker with over 30 years’ experience we can source individual policy wording to cover you for any damages, demolition or alteration costs together with any loss in your property’s value. We have access to major and niche insurers for even difficult to place risks.

In the event of a claim our in-house team will deal with matters quickly and efficiently to make sure there is as little disruption to your business as possible.

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