Monday 11th December 2023
Extra protection for unoccupied commercial buildings

Empty commercial properties can be costly for property owners who face reduced rental income, increased maintenance and security costs. Insurance premiums for vacant properties may also rise in response to the additional risks presented by vacant properties.

Tuesday 26th September 2023
Commercial Property Owners: Reducing the risk of weather damage

As the weather changes, storms and increased rainfall can increase the risk of weather damage to commercial properties. After fire claims, escape of water is one of the most common types of claim, with insurers paying out £1.8 million every day.

Tuesday 9th May 2023
London properties at higher risk of floods than the rest of the UK

In July 2021, extreme rainfall hit London twice, leading to widespread flooding across the city. In some parts of the city, a month’s rain fell in just one hour.

Thursday 23rd March 2023
How to keep empty properties safe

Increased hybrid working and rents have left many commercial properties unoccupied. London alone has 20 million square feet of empty office space – a 20 per cent rise since 2020 and the equivalent of almost 17 Houses of Parliament.

Friday 28th October 2022
Minimising the risk of water damage in high-value properties

Escape of water is not something that most homeowners think about until it happens to them. It is not reported in media in the same way as flooding, but the damage caused can be similar. The larger the property, the greater the danger of a problem going undetected.