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Using a specialist construction broker who can help navigate the risks involved in major construction projects and arrange the correct level of protection is essential. Kerry London’s Construction Team has a range of experts, which also includes Professional Indemnity and Surety specialists.

Construction insurance designed for your business’s needs

Kerry London provides bespoke construction solutions for projects and contractors. Our clients include major companies, locally based UK developers, and construction firms. We provide a range of construction insurance services on both an annual and a single project basis. We operate across many construction areas, including commercial, residential, mixed use, and infrastructure.

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crane against city skyline | Kerry London Construction insurance

Managing and facilitating bonds | Kerry London Limited


Find the perfect surety bond to guarantee your contractual obligations.

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Contractors All Risks insurance | Kerry London Limited

Contractors All Risks Insurance

Cover for construction projects to meet contractual obligations, protect investment and constructional plant.

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Protecting employers and employees alike, Employers' Liability insurance | Kerry London Limited

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Specialised cover designed to protect you as an employer against claims for negligence.

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Environmental Impairment insurance | Kerry London Limited

Environmental Impairment Insurance

Essential cover for construction works and commercial businesses from the threat of third party pollution liability.

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Non-negligence insurance | Kerry London Limited

Non-Negligence Insurance

Essential cover for builders, property developers, traders and craftsmen.

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Latent Defects insurance | Kerry London Limited

Latent Defects Insurance

Cover for new-build premises designed to protect against defects in design, workmanship or materials that only appear after completion.

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Two construction workers looking at project insurance | Kerry London Limited

Project Insurance

Protect a project of any size, including after contract completion.

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Traffic cones on steps representing public liability insurance

Products & Public Liability Insurance

Cover your business’ responsibility to the public against personal injury and property damage awards.

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Trade Credit Insurance

Protect your business against customers failing to pay for goods or services provided on credit.

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