Right to Light Insurance

Right to Light insurance policies are designed to protect developers and landowners from Right to Light claims. These arise when a neighbour makes a claim for loss of light caused by a development. Compensation settlements, remedial costs and legal costs can be significant, and it’s worth considering an insurance policy that will ensure your development is covered.

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Right to Light can cover:

  • Legal costs involved in addressing claims
  • Compensation costs to the injured party
  • Identifiable loss from adjoining owners as identified by the Right to Light surveyor
  • Cost of any financial settlements, including damages awards
  • Abortive costs incurred as a result of a third party claim and
  • Loss in land value in the event the developer’s project is permanently halted by the Court

Each policy is tailored to the individual development and is a one-off purchase.

Kerry London can also provide legal indemnity covers such as:

  • Restrictive covenants
  • Defects in the title including loss of deeds
  • Lack of adequate access and/or services
  • Leasehold problems
  • Flying freehold
  • Chancel repair

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