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Event insurance: Peace of mind for Coronation celebrations

Thursday 6th April
Event insurance: Peace of mind for Coronation celebrations

On 6th May 2023, His Majesty King Charles III will be crowned Monarch of the United Kingdom. It’s anticipated that many celebrations, including street parties, will be organised nationwide.

Coronation events and street party celebrations are held on closed roads and areas up and down the country and will involve significant organisation and expense. Whilst most events go to plan, such large-scale public events also run the risk of unpredictable accidents.   

Kerry London offers Event Cancellation Insurance which covers a broad range of events, including street parties, charity benefits, or music festivals. While no one wants to think about cancelled events, preparing for that risk could save a lot of stress and expense.   

Event Cancellation insurance is written individually for one event or multiple events under one policy. It’s designed to protect against event cancellation losses and can include a range of covers including:  

  • Cancellation  
  • Property liabilities  
  • Public liability  
  • Employers’ liability  
  • Loss of money (e.g., theft of cash)  

As one of the UK’s largest independent brokers, Kerry London’s experts can identify the risks associated with your event and advise the correct insurance protection. From last-minute venue problems, damage to hire equipment, they can find cover to suit your celebration.  

Our in-house claims team will always act quickly and efficiently to settle a claim to ensure organisers are in-pocket.

  1. Planning the event – Develop a safety management plan that considers the health and safety risks and documentation requirements. Helpful information can be found on the Health and Safety (HSE) website. Is additional safety advice required from the Fire services, local authority, Environmental Health, etc?
  2. Booking a Location – Does your chosen location require permission from the owner or local authority? Road closures may require a licence. Local authorities can advise what’s needed and provide further guidance about managing the event.
  3. Risk management – What emergency arrangements need to be made (e.g. fire safety and evacuation, first aid, lost children, etc.)? Is private medical support required? Public Liability Insurance can help cover members of the public getting injured at the event.
  4. Temporary structures – The HSE details comprehensive guidance around installing temporary structures such as stages, seating or marquees.
  5. Insurance – Contact an insurance broker to discuss event plans and ensure there are no gaps in cover. For further information about insuring an event, please call 020 7623 4957 or email

Further information to help safely plan this exciting historical event can be found on these web pages:

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