Specialist & Finishing Trades Insurance

With extensive experience in the construction industry we have a strong track record of providing insurance services to Specialist and Finishing trades to cover work including wiring, plumbing, plaster boarding and ceilings right through to the final touches like air conditioning units, flooring and even curtains and carpets. We insure commercial, residential and mixed-use contracts and can also arrange bonds.

We will take time to discuss with you all the risks and obligations you have in relation to your work, taking particular care to ensure that contractors and subcontractors are covered for the extensive liabilities and responsibilities frequently built into contractual obligations, including heat conditions and Public Liability limits. As a Lloyd’s broker, we can place business directly into the Lloyd’s market as well as other specialty insurers.

We can also assess your needs for other specialised products such as Cyber Insurance to protect your business and individual users from Internet-based risks and IT infrastructure failures.

In the event of a claim our in-house team will deal with matters quickly and efficiently to make sure there is as little disruption to your business as possible.

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Finishing Trade insurance

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