Stock Insurance

Stock insurance covers the loss, theft or damage of goods, materials or work in progress whilst in your possession or control.

It is important to make sure your insurance reflects the full value of stock you hold at all times to ensure you are not underinsured. Stock often changes seasonally or with consumer trends. Similarly, if the way you trade changes (if you start a home delivery service or begin to do more internet trading for example) you may need to increase the levels of stock you hold.

We pride ourselves on understanding the different levels of cover and type of policy your business needs and will tailor your cover accordingly. As one of the UK’s leading independent, Lloyd’s accredited brokers we will find flexible, competitive cover from a huge market of niche and major insurers.

Replacement as new stock insurance policies will compensate you with new stock when an item has been stolen or damaged beyond repair, within a pre-agreed period of insurance. Indemnity polices take into account depreciation in value of your stock with age.

In the event of a claim our in-house team will deal with matters quickly and efficiently to make sure there is as little disruption to your business as possible.

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