Loss of Licence Insurance

In a large number of businesses your licence is your livelihood. Solicitors, vets, medical practitioners, professional drivers, heavy machinery operators, aircrews or pub landlord: If you had to give up your licence the chances are you would lose more than your customers.

We understand the importance of your licence to you and we have over 30 years’ experience helping to protect professionals from the loss of their licence due to circumstances beyond their control. We have built our reputation on our one-to-one personal service and arranging cover that is right for our customers from a wide range of major, specialist and niche insurers.

We can arrange Loss of Licence insurance that will cover depreciation of your interest in the business resulting from non-renewal or withdrawal of your licence to trade. If you hold a licence to do your work, you will want the peace of mind that comes with Loss of Licence insurance.

Our specialist knowledge in this field is invaluable, from cover to claim, and will give you the reassurance to continue doing your job with confidence.

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