In the last three years we have arranged and managed more than £5bn of contract value for UK companies. Like all our specialist departments, our Bonds team sets high standards of service. Our expert bonds team quickly assess individual requirements to efficiently arrange the best UK surety bonds available from a pool of niche UK specialist providers.

We have both Broking and Underwriting experience within our team, which enables us to negotiate the right wordings to fit the needs of your UK construction business. We are professionals who get to know your specific surety requirements and have excellent relationships with all the UK surety underwriters.

With extensive experience in this complex field, our specialist team will help you find the best surety to guarantee your contractual obligations. This means you can get on with the job, whilst your working capital remains available at the bank.

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What you need to know about bonds

Giles Ham, Head of Performance Bonds at Kerry London, explains what you need to know. Watch the full video or choose a chapter below.

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  1. What is a Performance Bond?
  2. How are Performance Bonds calculated?
  3. How can I get a quote?
  4. How much does a Performance Bond cost?
  5. How long does a Performance Bond last?
  6. Can a Performance Bond be cancelled?
  7. What form of wording is typically used in a Performance Bond?
  8. Why do I need a Performance Bond?


What bonds do we offer?

The most common UK bonds we arrange for UK companies are Performance and Contract Guarantees, which cover damages up to a pre-agreed limit when a customer’s contractor defaults on a contract. However, we also offer a first class service facilitating and managing the following:

  • Advance Payment Bonds
  • Customs Duty Deferment Bonds
  • Deferred Consideration
  • Supply Bonds
  • Offsite Material Bonds
  • Highways/Development Bonds relating to Roads and Services
  • Retention/Maintenance Bonds

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