Loss Assessors Fee Indemnity Insurance

In recent years commercial insurance claims have become extremely complex matters, and personal specialist assistance for the policyholder is now essential. Kerry London have partnered with LOREGA to arrange a policy which provides you with a full insurance claims handling service to ensure you receive the best help available when you suffer a major loss.

LOREGA offer a claims service in the event of loss or damage to your business. When required, one call to Kerry London is all that is needed. We will arrange for LOREGA’s immediate involvement and you can leave the rest to them. They appoint local loss assessors who will visit you to advise on the best approach to your problem.

Your loss assessor will then prepare your claim and negotiate for the best possible settlement you are entitled to. The cover arranged will provide you with assistance in most likely losses, however if you are in doubt, please ask Kerry London for policy details.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our experts, or find out more about our services, send us your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Some benefits of the policy arranged by LOREGA are as follows:

  • telephone advice and assistance for all claims
  • personal visits on all qualifying losses
  • cover for both material damage and business interruption claims
  • arranging interim payments from insurers where necessary
  • arranging temporary premises and equipment to enable trade to continue
  • preparation of a fully valued inventory for all items damaged or stolen
  • attend all meetings and handle all correspondence with insurers
  • co-ordination of builders, decorators and allied trades as required
  • work in conjunction with your own accountants to formulate a loss of profits claim
  • negotiations of the best possible settlement to which you are entitled.

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  • If you would like to discuss your insurance requirements with one of our experts, or find out more about our services, send us your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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