Social Media Influencer Insurance

Influencer insurance provides reputation risk management protection to businesses and individuals in the public eye. This cover protects against media and contractual risks associated with public appearances and social media content.

The social media landscape has grown exponentially, presenting unique legal risks to influencers. Influencer insurance is for anyone who publishes their content online via YouTube, social media, podcasts, or vlogs. Public figures such as TV broadcasters, sports personalities, or commentators, but it’s no longer exclusively restricted to high-profile individuals, those with modest follower numbers can place content that goes viral.

The legal repercussions of opinion-based articles and endorsements and ‘cancel culture’ are just some of the issues facing those in the public eye. Businesses are also using influencer marketing to promote products and generate advertising revenues, both of which have unique risks.

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What does Social Media Influencer Insurance Cover?

  • Dishonestly of an employee
  • Defamation, including libel and slander
  • Your right to privacy
  • Unintentional Breach of contract
  • Your right to publicity, including the commercial appropriation of name
  • Negligence, by error or omission
  • Intellectual property infringement, including copyright infringement

Reputation and Public Relations

  • User-Generated Content

Cyber protection includes

  • Data breach
  • Computer security failure
  • Failure to disclose a data breach
  • Privacy policy failure
  • PCI fines & Forensic defence following a breach

This is an emerging risk area that both individuals in the public eye and businesses should seek protection on to ensure they can navigate legal exposures as well as reputational risks.

We can arrange social media influencer insurance as a standalone cover or combine it any related covers such as public and employers’ liability. Please contact for details.

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