Monday 20th May 2024
Professional indemnity insurance for the construction industry

Case study: We reviewed our client’s professional indemnity insurance (PI) for professional services because they had faced significant premium increases and restricted cover during the hard market.

Wednesday 21st February 2024
How can Trade Credit Insurance safeguard construction against late payments?

The use and importance of construction trade credits increased during the prolonged financial crisis, where profits and new business opportunities have resulted in poorer cash flow for many.

Thursday 11th January 2024
Construction bonds – security against contractual performance

Hannah Sewell-Moore, Surety Manager, Kerry London provides insight into how surety bonds can provide additional financial protection for construction projects of all sizes. Bonds guarantee project completion if the contractor cannot finish it, making them extremely valuable to project owners/employers. There’s no doubt that construction bonds are an invaluable asset to any construction project, particularly […]

Friday 22nd December 2023
Construction update: a year of change

Neon Mavromatis, Managing Director of Construction, reflects on issues that have affected the construction industry this year.

Wednesday 8th November 2023
How can construction bonds support construction businesses?

Now more than ever, the need for financial stability and security is paramount and the demand for bonds has increased.