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PCA to deliver social media abuse workshops

Monday 19th July
PCA to deliver social media abuse workshops

The stresses and pressures of the game of cricket and being a professional athlete in the modern era are well documented. In particular, the increasing reports from players of online abuse and hate are sadly ever more dominant in the mainstream media.   

Kerry London, the insurance partner to the PCA, are proud to support their groundbreaking initiative in providing educational workshops to all players looking at the role and impact that social media can have on mental health. Alongside potential abuse, the workshops focus on the impact of use, overuse and addiction to social media. Through a series of sessions, players will have the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of social media, hear from professional players, past and present, and understand the role and impact of social media on their performance, both on and off the field. 

Dean Calaz, Regional Managing Director of Kerry London, comments: “In the modern era, being fit for the role of professional cricketer goes far beyond your skills as a fielder or a batsman. As a company, we invest heavily in mental wellbeing and know the value that brings in performance and sustainable advantage, as well as the positive benefits of a team that have the tools they need to manage and maintain positive mental health.   

For the squads of today and for their future careers, understanding how to engage positively online with appropriate coping strategies to manage more challenging situations is wholeheartedly supported by the team here at Kerry London.” 

He noted further: “This is a genuinely important initiative by the PCA as part of their wider Personal Development and Welfare programme and we’re proud to extend our support to support their work in protecting players’ mental health.” 

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