Thursday 20th January 2022
Building resilience to a cyberattack

Cyber security is essential to the health and resilience of any organisation. Businesses rely on technology for everything from online trading and digital communications to employee homeworking through the pandemic. This reliance on technology exposes organisations to the increasing threat of cyber-attacks such as email phishing scams, computer viruses, malware, ransomware, hackers, and human error.  […]

Tuesday 21st December 2021
Escape of Water

Water – one of the biggest financial risks facing the construction industry The impact of Escape of Water (EoW) on construction sites is one of the most damaging and expensive issues affecting the industry today. The scale of the problem is perhaps best illustrated by data from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) which shows […]

Friday 24th September 2021
Going for Growth in the Post-Pandemic Construction Sector

Neon Mavromatis, Managing Director Construction, reflects on the outlook for construction firms and their construction insurance needs heading into the autumn. As the latest monthly construction statistics from the Office for National Statistics hit the mainstream and business press, the headlines seem to be unequivocal – whether it is cost, supply or demand, these are […]

Monday 19th July 2021
PCA to deliver social media abuse workshops

The stresses and pressures of the game of cricket and being a professional athlete in the modern era are well documented. In particular, the increasing reports from players of online abuse and hate are sadly ever more dominant in the mainstream media.    Kerry London, the insurance partner to the PCA, are proud to support their groundbreaking initiative […]

vintage white convertible sunny day
Friday 12th March 2021
Car insurance for professional sports players, public figures

We all know that it’s a legal requirement to have your car insured before you drive it on the road, but there’s more to car insurance than meets the eye. Especially when your job is playing sport. It’s perhaps less well known that your occupation can also have an influence on your ability to get […]