white sports car
Friday 12th March 2021
Car Insurance

We all know that it’s a legal requirement to have your motor vehicle insured before you drive it on the road, but there’s more to car insurance than meets the eye. Especially when you have specialist, high-performance or vintage vehicles to consider. It’s less well known that your occupation can also have an influence on […]

Monday 18th January 2021
Could your contents be under-insured?

A helpful checklist for protecting your world Although there are studies which show that many individuals in the UK are underinsured, what is underinsurance and what does it mean? Underinsurance occurs when you have not taken out enough insurance cover to meet your needs, which could have an impact when an event happens that requires […]

Friday 15th January 2021
Changes when driving in the European Union

Following the UK’s recent exit from the European Union there are potential changes to your current motor insurance arrangements. You will therefore require a Green Card and to display a GB symbol if you are driving in the EU. This is required even if you have a foreign extension on your policy. If you have […]

unoccupied property
Tuesday 12th January 2021
Unoccupied premises – the Covid effect

The recent lockdown has been tough for all of us.  Many of our clients have had to adapt their trading methods and approach to working as a reflection of the new regulations we once again find ourselves surrounded by. Unfortunately, some clients have had to close their doors indefinitely. At Kerry London, we are here […]

Frozen guttering and downpipe
Thursday 3rd December 2020
Winter is coming…

Plan ahead for colder conditions As the weather turns and the summer months are (sadly) behind us, it makes sense to plan for the change in weather that comes with the colder seasons and winter months. To help you get prepared, we’ve compiled a number of protective measures you could consider taking to help prepare […]